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About Go Dog Tug Toys
Go Dog Tug Toys specializes in creating custom interactive dog toys that are unique and fun for dogs to play with and that aid in the training of dogs. These dog toys can be used in DOG AGILITY, FLYBALL, RALLY, OBEDIENCE training or any other FUN dog sport. We also offer POPULAR BRAND NAME toys too!

Our company prides itself on coming up with innovative designs.  We strive to make unique products that aid in the training of dogs, yet are also fun and exciting for all dogs too!  Put simply, we LOVE dogs and want them to excel and be happy in whatever they do!  Whether it is participating in a dog sport or playing with their owners, we strive to make toys for playtime fun!
We do our best to support various dog charities throughout the United States and also try to participate in local charity events as often as possible.
All of our custom made toys are manufactured in the U.S.  We also offer popular brand name toys that we are sure your dog's will enjoy.

We hope our toys will bring many happy days of enjoyment for you and your dog.  We believe that "A Happy Dog is a Happy Go Dog Tug Toy Tugger!" (Say that 3 times fast...)

Happy Tugging!


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