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Fleece Tug
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Pocket Tug
  Chelsea - I usually love food more than toys... but this Pocket Tug is great!  
Easy Glider
  Chelsea & Kaelee - Mom throws the frisbee and we fight over who brings it back... It's mine... No, it's mine!
Tug a Long Fleece Toy
  Buzz - I am a rescue dog that used to run off. Now I stick around to play with my Fleece tug toys!  
Fleece Toy
  Sizzle - I am cute, I am cuddly and everyone loves me! That must be why they get me all these wonderful toys! I have fierce puppy teeth!

WOW, what an AWESOME donation you sent for Newfiepalooza!!!! We again can't thank you enough!!!!
Rhonda - Iowa

I am absolutely thrilled with the Easy Glider Frisbee that FLOATS!  My dog needs exercise so I throw the Easy Glider in the pool and she jumps in the pool with enthusiasm!  We have the best of both worlds, we play frisbee on land or in the pool!  Of course we have two since she won’t let go of one without me throwing another one in the pool! Thanks again!
Georgia - CA

Greatest little toy that I could take with me anywhere! My dog and I have a blast with the Buckey tug and take it everywhere we go! Thanks Go Dog Tug Toys!
Brian - NB

Quality products AND great customer service is a rarity, but to be found at Go Dog Tug Toys! Thank you for providing hard-to-find Bungee tugs for me and my agility dogs! 
Carolyn - Ontario, Canada



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